Why I Started a Blog and Why You Should Too!

Why I Started a Blog and Why You Should Too!

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Why I Started a Blog and Why You Should Too!

Why start a blog? Is it a glorified diary? No. Some people use a blog as their own personal diary and think that everyone would love to read everything about their life story.

I’m going to be blunt, I hope you don’t mind. This post is going to be sprinkled with some truth bombs that most bloggers don’t talk about… so be warned ha ha. 

To be honest, people don’t really care about your life as much as you think.

They are reading your blog in hopes to learn something to benefit themselves in some way.
The best thing I can say about when starting a blog is to go into it thinking, “Who can I help? & How can I help them?”

I use keyword search tools such as Ubersuggest to look for ideas where there is low competition but searched for often.  This will allow me to rank on google and answer problems people are actually looking for.

Pinterest is a great way to do this too. When you search for something, Pinterest shows similar search terms that people are frequently searching for. 

I started my blog to share what I know that I’ve learned through my own experiences in hopes to help someone else.

My thoughts are really not unique. Most people have at some point have had the same struggles I have had or may have them in the future. I wanted to be able to help other moms like myself in some way by giving my tips and sharing my story.

Starting a blog can be scary and it is a lot of work. It feels good connecting with others and learning more about myself and putting my ideas out there. It’s difficult to open up to strangers but its totally worth it when you hear about how you have helped others.

It makes life more fulfilling and worthwhile. Why else are we put here on this earth? Share experiences and helping others is an amazing feeling.

I want to challenge you to think about something you love and are passionate about.

What do you know a lot about and could talk about with knowledge and experience?

That’s a blog idea!

Make sure you know who you’re talking to. You can’t talk to everyone.

You have to think about a specific someone and speak to them like you’re talking to a friend. This will help you connect to your readers better and actually be able to help someone.

I know bloggers who believe blogging has helped them grow as a person and get to know themselves better. It also makes them feel like they are making a difference in other people’s lives as well as gives them a feeling a purpose.

I have to say helping people is one of my favorite things. If I can help someone just by sharing my experience then it makes the hardships worth it. 

I’m starting to transition my life’s goals and think of new ways to help serve others. One of those things is creating a Facebook group to help families learn more about finances. I will also be blogging more about those type of topics and sending people from my Facebook group to my blog.

I’m not gonna lie, most bloggers don’t talk much about the issues with blogging. Mostly because they want you to buy something or use their affiliate links to get started blogging. I do also have those links, but I want to be honest. 

Getting traffic is one of the biggest struggles to blogging. Finding a reliable way to gain traffic is tricky sometimes and can take some time.  This is why using social media and Pinterest is a must when you’re a blogger.

It can take time for you to gain traffic through SEO (search engine optimization) like Google searches.  Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic for most bloggers.

Little do most people know, Pinterest is the 3rd biggest search engine (not a social media platform) and is easier to rank than Google.

It’s a good goal as a new blogger to post 5 Pinterest pins in different relevant boards when you first publish your posts. It will give you a little traffic  and allow others to share your post easily. Posting a new post, once a week is a good way to start without giving yourself too much pressure. 

Another popular traffic source, believe it or not is Twitter! Twitter has a large community of writers and bloggers who live to support each other. We use hashtags to help get attention and participate in blog shares or writers lifts.

Examples: #writerslift #bloggingcommunity #writtingcommunity #shamelessselfpromo #retweet #rt

These are just some of the hashtags we use. It’s good practice to go to other blogs and read their posts and comment and retweet their posts. It encourages them to check yours out in return and it feels good to support each other. 

When you first start out blogging, try to focus only on those two things, Pinterest and Twitter.

Instagram can be intimidating due to all the beautiful posts pro bloggers put out and Facebook can be overwhelming.

It seems most people on Facebook don’t actually read blogs.  They read headlines but don’t actually click the links to read the content.   Twitter people and Pinterest users, are more likely be there ready to read blogs.

After you have a consistent system down, research keywords, writing a post that solves a problem, create 5 pins, and share to Twitter, you can then expand to other platforms and try them out.

Focusing on consistency and helping solve problems that people are already actively looking for is the main goals when you start out.

You will begin to see trends in what people read the most, what times of day they read your posts, and where the traffic is coming from. 
Using this data will then help you focus more on what your audience wants to read about and where they hang out most.

I hope my tips help and bring you some inspiration to get started on the right foot. 
The biggest thing to remember is to have fun with it. Allow your genuine self to shine through and you will do great!

Also Consistency is key! Create a system that works for you and stick with it.

Leave a comment and let me know what was the biggest tip you learned today in this post. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get right back to you.

Have a beautiful day! 


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