Reduce The Daily Stress Anxiety & Overwhelm

Reduce The Daily Stress Anxiety & Overwhelm

Being a mom can be full of so many fulfilling experiences that bring you so much joy that it’s hard to contain yourself.  There are also the days where there is so much on your plate that you feel like you’re never going to catch up on all there is you need to do.  If you’re a working mom it just adds to the stress.  I’m lucky enough to be working from home, and even that has its struggles, trying to keep the kids occupied while you get work done and still stay on top of the household chores and such.

I just recently became a work from home mom Feb 2019.  I used to work from 6-2:30 every day, sometimes weekends and holidays, and before that I worked 3rd shift, 10:00pm-6:30am, blah.  I’d come home exhausted but would still have to do laundry, clean the house and take care of the kids and somehow remain Mrs. Happy Go Lucky creative mommy/wife.

This story isn’t unique.  As moms, we are expected to be able to balance everything and still create a happy household for our families.  Where is the time to practice self-care?  I used to find myself forgetting to take time for myself, even as simple as showering or brushing your teeth!  

I found myself making excuses as to why I couldn’t do things, “I’ll workout tomorrow”, or “I don’t have time to meditate, I have to clean, I’m too tired”.  The truth is if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves it affects everything else in our lives.  

We can’t be that fun happy go lucky mom that comes up with all the creative fun educational activities for our kids that our kids crave.   Your relationship with your spouse suffers. The housework is always only halfway done.  The laundry stays in the basket for longer than we’d like. This goes on day after day and it leaves you feeling pretty burnt out and overwhelmed and depressed.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  I felt like that for a long time.  I felt myself getting cranky at my kids and my husband and I said to myself, “This isn’t me, how do I change this?”  I decided I had to turn things around.  I didn’t want to live my life in overwhelm and chaos.  I saw other moms seemed to have everything together and they had time to do what they needed to and still had time to take care of themselves.

I wanted a change and wanted my old self back.  It couldn’t all be done overnight.  It took years to get to where we were so, of course, it wouldn’t take a day or two to change everything.  We needed a system to help get this train back on track.  

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  1. Fix your mindset:  First thing was first, mindset.  If I couldn’t get my mind right then nothing would get accomplished.  I started looking for answers on good old YouTube.  Watching 15 minutes of motivational videos on YouTube really pushed me to see what was possible.  I learned simple self-coaching tips and actually made myself follow through with the recommended tips.  I started doing this every morning.
  2. Make a healthy routine: Wake, stretch, eat, 15 minutes of either meditation, motivational videos, or yoga.  I had to start small.
  3. Push through the overwhelm: When I feel overwhelmed or any other negative thought creeps up in my mind, I count down from 5, and when you get to 1 focus on whatever it is you need to do or focus on.  For example, “I’m too tired to fold laundry, 5,4,3 2, 1, Just fold it and get it done.” “I’m starting to feel down and overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, you can do it, just start with the easier thing first and then move on to the next.” Just do it.  It really got me out of my own head and made me take action towards the simple goals I had in my day to day.  That then leads to bigger tasks and it snowballed.  I knew I couldn’t do it all in one day but every day it made me take action to a better household and better me.
  4. Come up with a system that can turn into a routine/habit: The next thing I knew I needed was a system of some kind to help me get it all done.  I started creating a planner to help me organize my thoughts and allow me to see what I needed to do. I create this planner to help me balance all the tasks I needed to do and even schedule in time for my workout.  After putting the planner together I really started to see how it could all be possible.  It took the overwhelm of everything and broke it up into doable steps.  I could get things done one thing at a time.

I know you could defiantly get a lot of value out of this planner.  Even if you use it just to start making a habit out of your daily tasks or to organize your thoughts so you can prioritize what you need to get done in a day/week/month.  

Once you make a habit or daily routine, it doesn’t take motivation or discipline.  You have to make it a habit first, and that needs some discipline. This planner will help you make it a habit.  Habits are things that we can do without thinking and won’t need motivation.  Once you start to accomplish all the daily tasks it really does leave you feeling empowered and relieve the weight on your shoulders.

I felt so much lighter, and happier.  So much less anxiety, depression, and household stress. The kids and my husband are happier and are more willing to help out around the house since I have been setting a good example.  I felt like it brought so much power back into my life.  I could do anything I put my mind to.  

This also inspired me to start this blog.  It made me believe I could fit in something that would help me get my thoughts out and share things with other moms like me.  I knew there were other moms like me that would benefit from this.  I really want to help as many moms that feel stuck as I can.  I know things can get overwhelming and depression can creep up on you.  This planner I hope will help you as much as it helped me.

What other things are you struggling with most?

I really want some feedback from you and I may be able to help you come up with techniques or systems to help you overcome whatever it is you’re struggling with.  I would LOVE for you to comment or email me and let me know what you like to read about.  I’m trying to come up with some new blog topics that you the reader would be interested in.  

This blog is a new adventure for me and I can’t wait to connect with some awesome women like yourself and make some lasting friendships online. 

Don’t forget to pick up this free planner.  Even if you think someone you know may benefit from it grab a free copy.  Why not right?  “If it’s free it’s for me” I always say. 🙂

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