Quieting Your Mind After a Long Day & Preparing to Get a Restful Night of Sleep

Quieting Your Mind After a Long Day & Preparing to Get a Restful Night of Sleep

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Quieting Your Mind After a Long Day & Preparing to Get a Restful Night of Sleep

Do you have problems resting your mind at the end of a long day?

I know us moms have a lot going on in our minds all day but as we try to sleep, it seems like a bowl of spaghetti. We think about all the things we need to do tomorrow, we think about what we may have not had time to do.

We even think about how we wanted to do things differently or that we may have forgotten. It’s a constant battle trying to quite your mind and get ready to rest for the night.

I’ve started doing routines to help myself wind down for the night. Cutting off electronics an hour before bed, setting myself up for success for the next day by dumping all thoughts on a goals list for the next day. This allows it to leave your mind and let’s you just empty your head.

Another great routine is to have a relaxing cup of tea an hour before bed. Make sure it’s no later then an hour because then you’ll be waking up to pee.

Review: Sleepy Tea from- “It Works!”

My friend Jen is an It Works! Consultant and she gave me some of their “sleepy tea” to test out. I want to share my experience with it with my readers and allow you to get the hook up with her and some deals she may be able to get you.

It Works! Sleepy Tea

Did you know that improved sleep can impact your body, mind, and well-being? When you sleep better at night, you can see:

  • Positive impact on weight management
  • Reduced cravings
  • Improved mood
  • Increased productivity
  • And more! 

It mixed really well with cool water and had a very pleasant taste with a vanilla/minty flavor. When I took it, it was about 3 hours after dinner so my stomach was pretty empty. I’m not sure if that has an added effect but I thought I should note that in case anyone else wanted to test it out.

I felt an overall calming effect and it made me feel very relaxed. I enjoyed it as I chatted with my husband a bit as we winded down for the night before we went to bed. I really believe the melatonin in it made it easier for me to quite my mind in preparation for bed.

I fully enjoyed adding this to my nightly routine and it forced me to slow down and just give myself some self care after a long day. As moms we need to take some time for ourselves everyday. You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t also take care of yourself!

Overall the sleepy tea tasted really yummy and it was nice I didn’t have to wait for it to steep like traditional tea. I didn’t need to sweeten it as it already was perfectly sweetened.

Jen wanted me to share that she (It Works!) also has 50+ other plant based health & wellness products! This includes that help with skincare, hair growth, fitness packages, to weight-loss, fat burning coffee, teas along with keto and vegan products.

They have energy boosters that can maybe even boost your all around health and immunity. She stated that they have something that can help with almost anything!!!

Did I forget to mention they also have a skin care and beauty line thats amazing!!! If you haven’t tried it, you need to.

In collaboration with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Nassif from the hit TV show Botched, It Works! brings you niche beauty solutions you won’t find anywhere else! Let Jen help you find a product to help you reach your own personal goals! She is a sweetheart and genuinely loves helping people get healthy and feel better about themselves.

If interested reach out to Jennifer Miller by text (269) 3779346 or visit her website at jennifermiller2.itworks.com and browse what else they have to offer. 

If you have have comments about experiences you’ve had or if you have questions, leave me a message below and I’d love to start a conversation!

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