Personal Development – How To Improve Your Life – 5 Simple Tips You Need To Start Doing NOW!

Personal Development – How To Improve Your Life – 5 Simple Tips You Need To Start Doing NOW!

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Personal Development – How To Improve Your Life – 5 Simple Tips You Need To Start Doing NOW!


 Growing up most of us focus on just surviving and getting by. What I mean is, going through growing pains and just getting through school, making friends and trying to fit in. The problem with that is we don’t always have the best role models or friends to help us grow into healthy well balanced adults.

There are a lot of things they just don’t teach in school. You’re taught to listen to authority and obey. Do as you’re told and how to take tests.

When you become an adult, these aren’t always the things that matter most in life. Yes it may help you do well in a job where someone else is your boss, but for many of us, that doesn’t equal a fulfilling happy life.

Who likes always being told what to do and when to do it?

It makes it difficult to people to know how to prioritize things and create systems that help them in their real day to day lives.

We always expect someone to tell us what’s best for us and what to do and how to do it.

Being problem solvers and creating solutions to problems is often expected to be given by someone else with more authority.

Who should have the most control of your life once you’re an adult?

Your parents?

Your boss?

You! You’re only given one life to live for an unknown amount of time.

Would you rather spend it all just doing what you need to just to get by, renting your free time at a job you don’t really love, and live for the weekends and vacations (you need to get approved by upper management) ?

Why should you focus more on personal development?

If you want anything to change in your life and how your situation is, you need to do things that take you out of your comfort zone.

Personal growth isn’t always easy and people don’t like to do things that make them uncomfortable.

Sometimes getting uncomfortable and doing things you’re not used to doing, to accomplish things towards your goals is necessary.

As we become older, this can become even more difficult, to step out of our habits and create new more productive ones.

Getting uncomfortable to progress in life is important for personal growth and development, which will improve your overall quality of life!

1. Change your mindset to a Growth Mindset

This means, making goals to help you step outside of your comfort zone to move towards your goals.

Do something new, learn a new skill, follow people and surround yourself with people who are forward thinkers.

Don’t allow self limiting thoughts to control your life.

I recommend a book I’ve started reading called “What to Say When You Talk To Yourself”

2. Create a personal development plan

Think of things that make you happy and how you can work towards them.

Don’t make the goals too easy but also don’t make them too difficult. Allow yourself a few small goals that will allow for positive momentum and productivity.

Examples: meditate every morning, drink more water, get dressed everyday, eat smaller quantities, and go for a walk everyday

You can also think of business goals, read more, work out more, whatever type of goals will help you live a more happy and fulfilled life.

3. Learn Something New Everyday/Every Week

For myself I’ve learn a whole new career, marketing, web design, and now I’m getting licensed to be a financial advisor.

Now don’t learn a whole bunch of things at once. I want you to focus on one thing at a time.

Try new things though and see what gets you excited. Learning really helps you feel alive and young. Give each thing a good amount of time for you to really focus on it and give it a shot.

4. Find a Way To Create An Income Outside of Your 9-5 Job

Even if it’s just a hobby or a part time thing, it really is the future to financial stability and freedom.

Who knows, you may end up creating something profitable enough to quit your day job and make a full time income from.

I used to work a corporate job for almost 10 years. In that time I realized I didn’t want to “rent out my life” anymore and wanted to own my life and my time.

That’ s a type of control that is so liberating that it really is the only true freedom there is.

5. Plan for Your Future But Live For Today As If Its Your Last

 Do things today that will create a better future. It could mean go plant that garden you have always dreamed of, or do that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about. Learn how to speak a new language so you can visit that country and speak to the locals.

Do things you have had on your to do list today! Or if not today take active steps towards those goals. They will help create your dream life.

Sometimes those things may make you uncomfortable for a temporary time. It will help share the future you want.

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After reading this post, I hope I opened up your mind a bit and helped you re assess how you live your day to day life.

Take your days back and make them yours.

Do what you love and grow into a better more well rounded you.

Leave a comment and let me know if you found value in this post.

I love hearing from my readers.


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