If You’re Looking for Something More Fulfilling and a Way To Help Others, Read This!

If You’re Looking for Something More Fulfilling and a Way To Help Others, Read This!

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If You’re Looking for Something More Fulfilling and a Way To Help Others, Read This!

This is going to be a quick post about what this new venture I’ve started recently.

For awhile I’ve had a feeling that I was missing something in my life. I used to work in a corporate setting where I was the expert in my department.

I was a senior technician/mentor and trainer for many different procedures. I worked in a lab at a large pharmaceutical company and we had countless procedures & protocols that were regulated by the FDA.

That means that to be able to perform the tasks in each protocol you needed to be trained for many hours before you could perform those procedures on your own. I worked in that space for almost 10 years.

I loved training people and helping people learn something new that they weren’t familiar with. The thing about the job I didn’t like was that all my time and effort was only paid hourly and any extra time I would put into people developing them, wasn’t compensated for.

The people who didn’t train and just performed the job got paid the same rate whether they trained or not.

Not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I wanted to feel valued and appreciated for my knowledge. I loved helping others but didn’t want to help build this big corporation with no extra compensation for my efforts.

I was renting my time/life away from my family spending more time with these people I worked with, than with my loved ones.

I quit in 2019 after my second daughter was born and I came back from maternity leave. My girls were 6yo and 10m old, I just couldn’t miss all those precious milestones again with my 2nd daughter.

I started down a path of self discovery and personal growth. Learning became my new obsession and how I can make money online and be home with my girls was my main focus. I took courses, started businesses and learned so many different areas in different businesses that I never thought I would ever be interested in.

My major in college was Marine Science and I graduated with a BS. Not something I needed at all for this new adventure I was on.

After trying many different things online, e-commerce store, affiliate marketing, and failing I began freelancing as a writer, graphic designer, web designer. Now I was making money but I still didn’t feel fulfilled.

After being emotionally drained and just alone in this entrepreneurial journey, I went looking for some answers. Something was still missing.

I was making calls for coaches and just couldn’t find someone I connected with to help me. They all wanted money to coach me and guide me. After all that was their business. Who goes into business to work for free?!

One day on Instagram one of my friends sent me a message about what she’s doing and how she helped families become financially stable and reach their goals.

I am always hungry to learn and I never thought of learning more about finances. I thought, maybe this is what I need to help my family situation and help me to better understand how to get our finances in a better place.

After learning more about how they help families and truly are doing really good things for families like mine, I knew I was seeing this for a reason.

This is what I was supposed to do. I decided to take a plunge.

I signed on and now I have a coach, who doesn’t charge me a dime for her support and training! She genuinely cares about my success. There is a great team effort within our group. We share information about what has been working in our business.

We learn all we need to know to pass our licenses, which are paid for by the brokerage.

It’s been inspiring hearing about all the different families this brokerage has helped and their stories behind it.

So many motivational stories and opportunities for personal growth!

I am learning how I will be able to help train people to do what I do, and create my own business to pass on to my own children as a family business!

I’ve never been given these opportunities before and it feel amazing. Even doing things outside of my comfort zone and opening up more as a person, I know it’s all progress abs forward momentum!

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing, please don’t stay on your current path.

We are only given one life! You want to live a life that makes you feel good about what you are doing.

If you want to learn more about what I do and maybe if you would be interested in becoming a financial advisor let me know. I would love to get some more information in yoke hands and discuss if this is something that would work for you.

-Are you motivated to change your life?

-Do you thrive on helping people?

-Are you coachable and open to learning something new?

-Willing to take a background check? (You will be dealing with people’s sensitive information so you must have high integrity)

-Got a passion for helping people?

Fill out my business application to find out how YOU can create an income from HOME with that passion!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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