How To Stay Productive In The Winter

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Seasonal depression is a real thing.  The cold and wet weather and daylight muted by gray sky’s really wears a lot of us down.

A couple of factors contribute to the winter blues, lack of exercise and limits on sun exposure being a few.  There are some really weird tricks you can use to get your motivation and focus back on track.

When I dug deeper to understand why my emotions run wild and productivity drops off during snow season, I made an interesting discovery.

I wasn’t really upset at the weather. Rather, I was upset that I didn’t see the value in it. If I shift my focus to why Winter happens in the first place, I immediately start to feel better.It all ties in to being more aware in general. Recently, I’ve started to re-read Be Here Now (fantastic book by the way, opened my mind up to a life changing way of being) and applying the lessons learned from it to everyday life again.It’s stuff I’ve practiced consistently in the past and the consistency part is KEY. Knowing how to center yourself is half the battle. Its the daily practice of the methods that impact your the most.

I think we can all benefit from giving our best effort to be as present as possible, more so in our toughest moments.

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