How to Save Money Starting a Website or Blog For Your Business

How to Save Money Starting a Website or Blog For Your Business

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How to Save Money Starting a Website or Blog For Your Business

Everyone who has a business has a website these days.

Bloggers, influencers, product testers/ reviewers, mom, and pop shops all have websites to help get their brand out there and sell their service or good.

These days it’s a necessity for all businesses.

Since you need a website, why not try and find the most affordable path there is. Many companies will try and sell you a bundle that they say only cost a few bucks a month, but they make you pay a whole year to get that price. It doesn’t end up being all that cheap.

My husband is a master researcher and is all about finding deals. Year’s ago when we starting working online and building websites he found the best deal out there. Name Cheap.

And they are exactly as they say, cheap domain names as more! You gotta check these guys out!

Namecheap Domain & Hosting packages

If you’re planning to start a new website on a reliable, user-friendly hosting – look no further. 

With Namecheap Domain & Hosting package deals you get everything you need to manage a website in just a few clicks – and you save up to 86% in the process!

Enjoy the ease of managing all your services with one provider and create your perfect website with the tools and plugins included. 

How to Save Money Starting a Website or Blog For Your Business

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose a Shared hosting plan. There are 3 options: Stellar, Stellar Plus or Stellar Business. All with up to 50% off. 
  1. Next, choose a domain to go with the hosting. You can select from:
  • FREE top-level domains (TLDs) on offer, like .STORE, .ONLINE, .SITE and many more
  • .COM with 38% if you choose Stellar Plus or Stellar Business
  • .CO & .BIZ with up to 84% off together with Stellar Plus or Stellar Business.
  1. Checkout and enjoy numerous perks that come with the packages (see below). 

Now, let’s talk more about those perks. Apart from the awesome prices, the packages also come with:

  • Free Whois privacy protection for life
  • 50 free PositiveSSL certificates
  • Free easy-to-use Website Builder
  • Free email system for your domain-based addresses
  • Free logo maker
  • AutoBackup feature on Stellar Plus and Stellar Business
  • Automatic DNS connection
  • 24/7 highly qualified Customer Support 
  • Free website migration for eligible accounts

A fantastic goody bag of freebies to follow all the exciting discounts!


How does all that sound?

We have been using them for years and love their customer service and we always have such smooth setups. It’s been great for our business.

We would love for you to give them a try. Click here to check out all their amazing offers.

Once you have your website’s domain and hosting you will need to design your website with your customers journey in mind.  Let me know how I can help you to get your website up and running.


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A few things to keep in mind:

-Branding yourself- Building your brand and creating your business’s unique personality.

Join my free Brand Yourself Mini-Course for FREE!!

-Create a beautiful responsive website- Always the mobile view of your site your priority.  60% Users are viewing your website on their cell phone.

-Speak to your ideal customer- All of your sales copy, images, and user experience should be done for your specific ideal customer in mind.  You can’t serve everyone, choose that specific perfect customer and speak directly to them on every level of your web design and messaging.

Reach out and let me know how I can help you get started.





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