How I Lost Weight Naturally…  AND kept it off, even after childbirth and breastfeeding!

How I Lost Weight Naturally… AND kept it off, even after childbirth and breastfeeding!

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How I Lost Weight Naturally… AND kept it off, even after childbirth and breastfeeding!

In this article, I share how I lost weight naturally after pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Easy to follow steps that you can follow to lose weight and keep it off!

Being overweight doesn’t always seem like a choice when you’re the one who’s overweight. Most people look at it as a state you’re unlucky enough to be in.

When I was overweight, I knew I was big but I didn’t pay much attention to my weight. I worked a night shift job, (10 pm-6:30 am) and ate at weird times during the day. That made me so tired all the time and slept during the day whenever I could.

I always woke up feeling groggy and was only interested in eating easy to prepare food and working out was out of the question. At the time I was too tired for all that. Who had time anyway- I’d tell myself?

My 3-year-old daughter demanded my attention when she was home from pre-school.

I would sleep from around 9 am-3:30 pm. My daughter would be with my husband all day or at daycare/preschool. When I woke up, I would play with her as well as complete housework and such. That really didn’t leave much time or energy for working on me.

Or so I thought. A lot of times caretakers put themselves on the bottom of the priority list. Always taking care of everyone else first and not reserving any energy or time to work on self-care or personal growth.

What happens is then the caretaker can’t take care of their loved ones at high levels as they used to. You become burnt out and feel like everything is a push to complete. I felt like I lost my fun creative mommy side that my daughter thrived on.

Creating fun activities and going to parks and hiking was something I used to do all the time. I found myself having to force myself to do everything.

Going to the park wasn’t fun for me anymore but I forced myself to do it for her. It was the same story with just about everything else I had to get done, I had to force myself.

This went on for years. Then one day enough was enough. My husband and I knew we needed to make a change with how we were living our lives. I couldn’t work nights anymore. We couldn’t continue being overweight and being physically exhausted all the time.

It affected our health and our state of mind and overall well being. We didn’t enjoy the things we once loved like hiking and being outdoors.

One day it clicked and we knew it was time to take action and start to make better choices.

One choice at a time. One by one you’ll change your life!

They started to add up into a full lifestyle turn-around. I lost about 50 lbs then I got pregnant with my 2nd child. I gained about 20 lbs with her but I was able to keep up my routine even while pregnant and breastfeeding. It actually helped me labor better just because I was fitter than the 1st pregnancy.

The baby weight seemed to just melt off, and I didn’t even have any kind of rigorous workout routine, and I definitely didn’t have to starve myself. I got to eat what I wanted.

In this post, I want to share with you how I lost weight naturally, without starving myself or working out like crazy.

I can’t take the credit for most of these tips I’m about to share with you. My husband took the lead and really got both of our diets on the right track. He does most of the cooking in the house.

(Yes I know I’m a super lucky lady)

He lost a large amount of weight in the past. He knew what it took to change our lives and start down the path we had to be on to make the drastic changes needed to make it work.

We learned a lot about what we needed to do online. We read tips and tricks from all over the place. Trying to find answers. How to lifehack weight loss and dieting. Just like you. 😉 You’re in the right place. I want to share the simple tips that actually worked!

How do you feel every day?

Are you overweight?

Do you feel like you’re always running out of breath, even when you’re just walking?

Do you find yourself always making excuses why you can’t be more active or lose weight?

There really are very simple steps you can take one at a time and make them habits and turn your whole life around. Once its a habit, you won’t need motivation, just discipline to stick to your routine.

Once you start and you can keep a routine, you’ll lose weight and keep it off. It becomes your lifestyle. You don’t even think about it anymore. It’s just a set of rules you made for yourself that you just always do. Just like brushing your teeth or any other habit you do.

You accomplish more and it enhances the rest of your life. You will have more control over your thoughts and actions and realize what you’re capable of.

Here are some simple tips I have that helped me lose weight naturally even after having a baby and while breastfeeding.

1.Drink The Proper Amount Of Water Daily

The first thing to start with is to make sure you’re drinking enough water daily. Most people these days are dehydrated. Try getting a large water bottle and record how much you’re drinking throughout the day. It will help you keep track and maintain proper hydration.

How do you know when you might be dehydrated?

  • You start to feel thirsty.
  • Urine is dark yellow.
  • Your lips are chapped.
  • Sometimes you’re hungry even after you are, it could mean you’re thirsty.
  • Dry skin, and extra wrinkles.
  • Your skin doesn’t ”snap” back quickly after you pinch your hand.

There are so many water tracking apps that can help you to keep track and get into the habit of tracking your water consumption. You can also get an extra large water bottle to keep track.

Water is essential for all critical systems within the human body, especially your brain. Wakes up your body and helps you become more alert and ready for the day.

Water is especially good to help you jump-start your metabolism and wake you up. It gives your body a boost in energy.

2. Eat a high fiber & protein breakfast.

I used to eat all types of breakfast food at my job. I gained a lot of weight.

Then I started eating one portion of oatmeal every morning. No matter what. I mixed it with a little honey or sugar or maple syrup, depending on which I had available at the time and some cinnamon.

Now instead of just oatmeal, my husband and I both eat his homemade granola. It’s delicious and full of fiber and protein.

It’s loaded with energy and it’s so filling that lasts until late lunch.

Then lunch I’d have leftovers from whatever was for dinner the day before. I’d always pack a single-sized portion.

Now that I don’t go to work I just eat either something leftover from dinner or make a nice sandwich.

If there is a leftover pizza I’ll eat that.

Yes, I still eat pizza. And almost anything else I want. The magic tip is portion size. How I lost weight naturally is don’t overdo it. Don’t overeat.

That leads me to dinner.

3. Eat high protein and loads of veggies for dinner.

We make dinner the biggest meal of the day and still allow room for dessert! Yes, we still enjoy an ice cream or a homemade cookie recipe almost every night.

We found a few different brands of high protein ice cream, even without milk! We also found these amazing ice cream bars made from coconut milk instead of cows milk. SOOOO delicious!

They are my favorite. They are small but so worth it! It forces me to eat it slowly and truly savor every bite of that yumminess.

The key is portion sizes and breaking up the higher calorie meals up a bit during the week.

Mostly make healthy meals and then once a week treat yourself to pizza or french fries or something like that.

Before the new year 2020, we were meat eaters and would eat chicken or pork almost every day.

Since the end of 2019, we have decided to go vegetarian. We still load on high protein meals and fresh fruits and veggies.

We also eat lots of beans and “vegetarian meats”. (Great book to check out if you love meat and want to be healthier and try vegetarian life.)

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4. Snack on nuts and fruit or vegetables

Throughout the day sometimes We all have a little snack. We like pretzels, nuts with dried fruit. Sometimes an apple or banana or whatever fruit is in season at the time.

I love watermelon during the summer. We eat as much as we want and it feels like dessert but it’s so healthy for you!

5. Always Take The Stairs and Park Far Away

This one is tough at first if you’re used to always finding the closet parking space or if you use elevator/escalators.

Once you start always choosing the rougher option, it becomes a habit and you don’t think about it anymore. It gets to a point where you just do it.

I was so used to always choosing to take the stairs at work or parking far away, that when I was pregnant I really kept at a healthy weight.

I was still active during the whole pregnancy and maintained our new lifestyle for the most part.

My pregnancy was so much easier the second time due to me being in better shape before I got pregnant.

Labor and delivery was 1/2 the time my first was and recovery was much quicker!

I couldn’t believe the difference.

6. Spend time outdoors “working out” doing things you do for fun.

I love being outdoors and the fresh air and sunshine always bring up my mood when I’m down.

Being overweight can be depressing and wanting to do things like work out can be tough, if not seemingly impossible.

I never have been super into traditional working out. I always liked working out doing things I love.

An example is dancing or just being silly with my girls outside.

Another is gardening. It’s always been fun working up a sweat creating something like a beautiful flower bed or vegetable garden. How I lost weight naturally was mainly from being active outside while playing with my kids.

Going out on hikes and swimming or just running after the kids in the back yard are all great ways to get active and have fun while increasing your heart rate.

Find something you love to do outside or at a gym and do it. Get your heart rate up and have fun. Don’t look at the activity as a workout and it will be more fun.

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You can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to. It’s time to ignite your personal power and create the future you’ve dreamed of living. You can do it with will power, self-discipline, and perseverance.

Leave me a message and let me know if you’re on a weight loss journey and what your struggles are. I’d love to connect with my readers and try and find ways to help your situation.


How to lose weight while breastfeeding?

It’s important to always drink enough water, especially while breastfeeding. You may need an additional 32 oz. of water daily to stay hydrated, for a total of about 96-104 oz. or more depending on your weight.

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

Take your time and listen to your body. Only do what you feel you can when it comes to getting active again. Check with your doctor to make sure you’re healed enough after childbirth. Staying active before, and during pregnancy, will make it easier to lose weight after childbirth.

How to lose weight without exercise?

If you don’t want to exercise you can still lose weight. You must limit your caloric intake to be less than what you will naturally burn each day. If you eat the recommended serving sizes and drink plenty of water. Eat high fiber & protein-rich foods you should be able to lose weight with minimal exercise. We still suggest you should work in some type of daily physical activity to stay healthy. Your body craves to be active and you will feel better by getting fit.

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