20 Habits That Support And Grow Your Personal Power – Checklist

20 Habits That Support And Grow Your Personal Power – Checklist

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This list of 20 Habits That Support And Grow Your Personal Power Can Change your life if you give them a chance and stick to these habits. You will be able to accomplish more and gain control on how you handle stress and anxiety.  

These tips can bring up more inner strength than you have had in years! 

First you probably want to know what is personal power?

Thinking about “power” often conjures many preconceived notions. Power may lead you to consider political leaders or civic personnel, like police officers. Or, perhaps you think about people in control or who exercise dominance. What does it mean to you for someone to be powerful? What are the positive and negative words you most associate with power?

The concept of personal power became popular in the last decade as a way to conceive of our personal agency andefficacy to change one’s own life. And when it comes to interpersonal relationships, power can either be positive, as in personal power, or negative, as in the types of overt and covert power we try to place on other people.

Your personal power comes from within and is founded upon your own abilities, confidence, and strength. It is acquired as you grow and develop throughout your life and encompasses all your desires to have satisfaction and meaning within your life and interpersonal relationships.

Personal power comes from a desire to better and master yourself, not to change or have power over other people. Personal power is grounded in your own qualities, vision, and needs, but it is manifesting in the way you treat, respond to, and connect with other people.

How can you achieve success without first learning to harness your personal power? More importantly, where would you be if you had no personal power at all?

Here are 20 habits that will help you support and grow your personal power.

1. Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into a complaining spiral. Whining is wasting your energy and sapping your personal power.

2. Other people can influence your emotions, but only you can be held responsible for them. So, don’t let the behavior or actions of others dictate how you feel.

3. Don’t get suckered into guilt trips of giving your power away, establish boundaries and enforce them.

4. Forgiveness is rarely for the benefit of the forgiven, it’s to help you heal. So, let go of old grudges and release the anger you’ve been holding onto.

5. How can you confidently make decisions if you don’t know your values? Everything you do should align with your values, know them like the back of your hand.

6. Stop wasting your time thinking unproductive thoughts. Dedicate your brainpower to deserving ideas, areas, and topics

7. Use language that holds you accountable rather than using terminology that paints you as a victim.

8. Your self-worth should not be based on the opinions of others, learn to shut out negative talk. Learn to recognize the difference between constructive criticism and an all-out attack.

9. Don’t be afraid to stick your head above the parapet and stand out from the crowd. Fitting in will only restrain you.

10. Always practice kindness, to yourself and to others.

11. Practice non-attachment, when you experience uncomfortable feelings learn to breathe through them. You lose personal power when you attach too quickly.

12. Just be yourself – if you don’t feel like grabbing a coffee, say so. If you want to go to the movies and no one else does, go yourself. You are at your best when you’re being your authentic self.

13. Practice mindfulness meditation, it will help you remain focused thus supporting your personal power.

14. Change how you see yourself – why do you doubt yourself? It’s the story that you’ve been weaving – change the script.

15. Visualization exercises are an excellent way to visualize your personal power in action.

16. Find ways to cultivate your perseverance – nothing saps your personal power like a lack of grit.

17. Embrace your creative side.

18. What would you do if you have an extra 30 minutes every day? You waste a lot of your time so, schedule just 30 minutes each day to consciously focus on something that will help you grow as a person.

19. Maintain a journal, it’s an excellent way to improve your productivity and clear the cobwebs.

20. Don’t give away your trust too easily.

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