13 Simple Ways On How to Make Money Online As A Stay At Home Mom

13 Simple Ways On How to Make Money Online As A Stay At Home Mom

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13 Simple Ways On How to Make Money Online As A Stay At Home Mom

So You’re looking for ways to legitimately earn money online?

Right now many people are desperately looking for ways to make money online to supplement income that can help to keep them afloat during this pandemic.

You may be wondering where to start and if it’s possible to find ways to earn online. So many different people pitch this magic tip, trick, course, or method, and it leaves you confused about who to believe and unsure what actually works.

So many marketers want to sell you something or get your email to spam you with their offers.

I just want to share with you the ways that I’ve actually made real cash money.

Now I have to warn you, these methods probably won’t make you rich. Some of them take some time to earn anything substantial BUT it’s a start and good for beginners and it can help you earn some money during this uncertain time.

Any of these methods can help you to earn money. You need to give it your time and energy to make it work for you. Everything takes your effort and you need to take action.

There is no easy way to get rich quick out there.   Many marketers promise you can get rich easily with their special tip or method but most of it is fluff.  To make money you need to be focused and driven to take action and be consistent. 

Don’t believe everything you hear and see from all these marketers online just trying to get your money. Take anything you read with a grain of salt and do your own homework before you choose to start down any special program or marketing methods to earn online.

There are a lot of scams out there and many untrustworthy people out there that successfully take advantage of people too easily. Don’t be one of those people.

Anyway, I’ll dive right into it and share with you methods I’ve actually earned money working online.


This method of earning money can actually include many different services. All freelancing is really is working without a contract and offering a service for payment and sometimes can lead to subsequent jobs from the same employer. Sometimes employers will like your work and keep ordering different jobs from you on a consistent basis.

Some of the services I have offered freelancing have been graphic design, using mostly Canva and different editing apps. I have done copywriting, proofreading, article writing, proposal letters, ad copy, and SEO website copy. My favorite has been web design.

It actually inspired me to start my own web design business where I build beautiful websites from small businesses and help them to gain more customers.  Writers Work offers a platform, training, beautiful way to build your portfolio to show off and special tools that help you start your own freelance writing business.  Check Writers Work out here.

1. Freelancer

This platform is a great way to get work. The tricky thing is getting started and building up your reputation and gaining positive reviews.

I actually only got a couple of gigs through freelancers. Most of the freelance projects I got through personal contacts and people I offered services to on Facebook.

2. Fiverr

This is one freelance worker platform where there is a lot of competition for super cheap. It’s great to get started but you won’t make substantial money right away. You need to invest lots of time and build up your reputation through this platform as well.  At Fiverr they offer different courses and training to help you start and grow your own freelancing business.  Check them out here if you think you may want to learn some new skills to help you earn a living.

3. Facebook

On Facebook, I have got work by offering my free services like when I do consultation work. I go over their website and give tips or if they have specific questions about something, I’ll give actionable steps they can improve something. After they like my work sometimes they ask for a paid project. Sometimes I will get more paid gigs from their friends and some repeat work. It’s nice because there is less pressure and it’s more of a friendly business exchange. Chit chatting and offering free help really gets people to trust and like you.

I go to relevant groups of people I’m trying to help and offer my services. I don’t spam links but more start a relationship with them. Ask about their needs and what I can do to help their situation. You learn more by asking questions instead of trying to sell something.

Other Methods:

4. YouTube

Creating content that people like to watch on YouTube can help you create a following and then you can become a partner with YouTube and monetize your YT channel.  I created art DIY videos and actually earned over $1000 just by getting a cut of the advertising.  They have since then changed the criteria to qualify to earn and monetize your channel.  They want you to have at least 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of viewing time in a rolling year.  Once you hit that you can really start to earn.  The trick is to be consistent with publishing content and sticking with one type of niche of videos.  Produce videos your audience love and provide value for your niche. 

Learn about YouTube SEO and how to rank your videos and use colorful eye-catching thumbnails and high-quality videos that attract the most people.  There is so much great training out there on how to improve your YT channel and how to help your audience.

5. TryMyUITask

If you like testing out new websites and giving businesses your ideas on how they can improve user experience, then this is a good fit for you.  They have you do a trial task before you will get paid.  It takes about 10 mins. They give you a task to complete as you would during a real task.  They record and analyze it and give you feedback.  If you pass, then you will be given tasks that fit your demographic in your profile. 

This is an easy way to earn $10+ per task.  The one issue I would find was that you have to actively check for task availability and be ready to take it right as it’s available.  There have been times where I would get an email alert about an available task, but someone else took the job and there was none available.  When you do get a task, then it’s an easy way to earn a quick buck.  They pay you through PayPal.

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey you take surveys and earn a few cents here and there.  Some can pay you a few dollars but more are only a few cents.  If you like giving your opinion and like taking surveys when you’re bored or just surfing on your phone, then this is perfect for you.  It’s something you can do in your spear time here and there.  The change will add up and you can cash out when you get at least $5.00 and send it to your PayPal.  I only made a few bucks on here but it can add up if you spend some time on there taking surveys.

7. Qmee

Qmee is a place where you can earn money a couple of different ways.  You can take surveys,  you can download their plug-in and earn money while doing google searches and clicking on links, and also earn from referring your friends to sign-up.  Other companies use Qmee for advertising and learning about their customer bases.  Your input helps companies to better serve their customer base.

With Qmee you have the potential to earn the most by referring people but sometimes they have fun surveys that pay a couple of bucks here and there.  If you enjoy searching for things on the internet you may as well earn a few $$ while searching for things you may already be searching for yourself.  When you click on certain advertisements or websites you can earn different amounts.

Free Gift:

8. Quest Mindshare

While on Quest Mindshare I earned a whole $15 taking one survey.  It was rating music.  I really liked this type of survey.  All it was a list of music clips and I had to rate it how much I liked it and if I knew it or not.  Super easy and kinda fun.

9. KDP Amazon

Buy Ignite Your Personal Power Here

This is a fun one that some people can actually make a lot of money with.  How I recommend you get started is look for trending topics that are in high demand but not a lot of people are offering.  What works best is if there is a deep pain or desire that someone is searching for that isn’t available yet. 

You can then write about a solution and offer an e-book about it.  With KDP Amazon, you can actually even get your book printed on demand and sent out to your customers.  They take a large percentage of the royalties BUT it’s a good start.  Once you get your name out there and have a little money coming in from your books, you can then go to a bigger publisher and earn a higher percentage on your sales.

So far I only have one book available on Amazon BUT I plan on doing some more in the future.  It’s all a numbers game.  Create a lot of books and create a passive income stream.  I recommend looking for some training on creating your own e-books and selling on KDP Amazon before getting started.

10. QKids

Working with QKids so far has been the most fun way I have earned money online.   QKids teaches kids English through games and modeling from native English speaking teachers.  It is only available to the US and Canada.  I am currently in training but I have taught some classes and loved working with the kids.  The kids are fun and engage with you and really seem to love the games and the lessons with you.

11. ThredUp

ThredUp is an online consignment website.  You send in women and kids clothing and purses and you earn a % of the sales they make selling your items on their website.  They send you a kit for free with paid postage that you fill up and send in to earn $$!  If you have kids, it feels like we are constantly going through their clothes and getting new ones because of how fast kids grow. 

What better way to clean out their closets and dressers from their clothes that don’t fit and earn a few bucks.  They do have some guidelines the clothes have to meet to qualify to be on sale BUT just follow their websites’ clothing checklist as you sort through your clothes.  Whatever doesn’t qualify you can still donate.  They make it super simple, they send you free bags to send in your clothes with paid USPS shipping labels and they will even schedule the pick up for you on their website.

12. Webull

Here I earned free stocks by signing up and depositing any amount. Even a couple of cents counts and gets the credit.  They make you wait 14 days to make sure you are a real person and to verify all your information but then the value of the stocks is yours.  You are free to cash out or leave it in there and allow your stocks to grow. The value of their free stocks varies depending on the market and stock.  The ones they gave me were $11 each!  Totally FREE!  In total, I got 4 from a referral and depositing a few cents into my account.

13. Shopify

On this platform, they offer a website builder that you can build your own online e-commerce store.  A big way some people earn is through dropshipping.  We sold supplements through our store.    We have since closed our store for now due to wanting to focus on my blog and web design business.  Juggling too many businesses can be super exhausting.  Whatever you get started with, stick with it for some time and really give it a shot before you decide to move on to something else.  Sometimes you have to learn by doing and you won’t know if its the right fit for you without trying it and actually doing it yourself. 

Every business venture you learn new things that help you with future opportunities.  Working online and finding ways to earn money online can be a never-ending search and hustle.  If you have the persistence and will power to do what you need to do to make it happen, then you can find true success online.  You need to find someone successful to follow and stick with your plan and take action.  Don’t just learn about it.  Done is better than perfect and every step you take forward gets you that much closer to your end goal.

There are probably more ways I have earned online since I have been doing this for a couple of years.  Affiliate marketing through different companies and products, as well as blogging, but that can be a different blog post.  You need to try a lot of things and fail a lot before you can find what works for you and become successful.  Don’t be scared of failure. Push through it and learn and accomplish more after failure. 

Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times before he came up with a successful version of the lightbulb. Don’t give up and keep trying until you succeed.  Make that your only available option and you will truly never fail.  You just find new ways that don’t work and learn and grow from it.

If you aren’t failing, then you aren’t trying.

Leave me a comment on ways you have earned money online.  Let me know if you liked this type of post and if I should make more like this one.  This blog is new and I’m trying to learn what my audience wants to read most about.  Let me know and reach out.

Thank you for being here.

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