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    The Top 3 Ways You’re Giving Away Your Personal Power That’s Making You Weak.

    The Top 3 Ways You’re Giving Away Your Personal Power That’s Making You Weak.

    3 Top Ways You Are Giving Away Your Personal Power And 4 Simple Steps Revealed To Regain Your Personal Power / Personal Strength What is Personal Power? Thinking about “power” often conjures many preconceived notions. Power may lead you to consider political leaders or civic personnel, like police officers. Or, perhaps you think about people in control or who exercise dominance. What does it mean to you for someone to be powerful? What are the positive and negative words you most associate with power?

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    How I Got My First Freelancing Gig

    How I Got My First Freelancing Gig

    So you have heard others do it and you’re wondering how I got my first freelancing gig, and how to get started freelance writing from home. It almost seems like it’s a movement. Many stay-at-home moms and dads have been making full-time incomes by writing. One thing that they don’t tell you is the main issue with freelancing. A great number of all freelancers experience this major dilemma.

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    Why Go Vegetarian? – My Beginner Vegetarian Journey.

    Why Go Vegetarian? – My Beginner Vegetarian Journey.

    Why go vegetarian? Have you ever asked yourself that?

    What are the benefits of being vegetarian and why did I choose to go vegetarian? In this post I want to go over the benefits and talk a little about my vegetarian journey, and why I chose to become vegetarian.

    This year is a new year of life hacking and trying to live a healthy lifestyle full of better choices. The type of choices I never used to make.

    One of those choices is eating chicken every day. I LOVED eating chicken almost with every meal every day.

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    Create a More Balanced & Calm Life

    Are you going through each day full of stress and overwhelm?  

    We know life can be hectic and somedays are harder than others to get through.  

    Because of this, our 10 pg PDF Balanced & Calm Planner was created.  Click the button below to get yours FREE and start to balance out your daily life.

    • Organize your daily/weekly/monthly tasks
    • Find time in your schedule to fit some self care
    • Track grocery list
    • Record your workout routine
    • De-Clutter 30 Challenge Calendar Included!
    • Create an organization/cleaning routine that relieves stress and creates a calmer environment for you and your family.

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